How things have changed…

When I think back 25 years there was no internet, mobile telephones were the size of a housebrick and placing a bet involved trudging down to your local High Street bookies on a wet and windy afternoon.

Not any more.

From the comfort of your own home, feet up in front of the TV, you can log onto the worldwide web, place a bet on your "smart phone", and win large amounts of money, without so much as moving a muscle.

And they say changes aren't always for the better.


It can lead to immediate improvement and future rewards.

And this one small change I'm talking about…

It's an open door invitation for you to cash-in as this Eureka! moment hit me in the face like a bucket of cold water and has me hopping around like a lottery winner.

Take a look at these truly stunning figures…

And at this rate it'll bank me a five-figure profit (the equivalent of £14,503 TAX FREE) in the next 12 months whilst risking next to nothing.

So what's it all about? Let me tell you…

I've been working in the betting industry for 25 years.

It's the only full-time job I've ever had, the only career I've ever known.

And during this time I've worked with a host of ultra-smart operators.

Really clued-up successful people, Dragon's Den types from whom I've picked up a wealth of knowledge and a host of top-class contacts.

And for the past three decades, working with them and for them, I've managed a number of highly successful betting syndicates. Providing profitable advice to people just like you… people who trust me to switch them onto 125/1 winners.

Because you're only as good as your customers, and at the end of the day they're the ones who judge you most accurately.

As these members are all happy to testify…

But in all this time…

Besides the usual favourites like Horseracing, Football, Rugby and Tennis the one sport which time and again has been proven to be an absolute goldmine for profit is Golf.

Now I've been working on golf betting syndicates since the early 1990's and let me tell you few sports, if any, can hold a candle to its money-making potential.

If you want to back big winners…

And you want to make big money…

You need to bet on Golf.

And it's not just me saying this

Here's what 5 independent industry experts, personal contacts I have made within the betting industry, have all told me…

And these guys all know the business like the back of their hand.

Each of them working day-in, day-out to fix odds and make markets, and when they tell you Golf is where it's at… you should take the hint!

Betting on this sport is a no-brainer
and MUST be on your personal radar

Put simply…

(1) Many bookmakers employ golf traders who lack specialist knowledge
      or enough time to accurately manage the markets.

(2) A lot of layers simply “cut & paste” the odds from other firms, which
      means errors are compounded in the market.

(3) Markets are often slow to move as smaller staked bets at bigger odds
      draw less attention and receive fewer "red flags" from bookies.

(4) You stand more chance of backing big priced winners in Golf than
      almost any other sport.

(5) On account of all the above reasons… specialist knowledge of certain key
      markets can give you a massive punting advantage over the layers.

So if you (i) have never bet on Golf before or (ii) have dabbled a bit but found that it didn't work for you, think again…

Because not only is Golf a great sport to bet on [as the testimony of these industry traders, odds compilers and market-makers proves] with the simple tweak that I made to my betting, all of a sudden it has become even more attractive…


And profitable!

So to my own Eureka! moment

For pretty much all the time I've followed Golf…

Every betting preview I've ever read…

Every tipster (and would-be tipster) I've ever come across…

And almost every punter I've dealt with, chatting to them on the phone or swapping emails…

They all follow the same strategy.

They back 4, 5 or even 6 players in the Outright (or Tournament Winner) market before the tournament begins, all usually at fancy prices, then sit back and see what comes of it.

And guess what?

These players either miss the halfway cut, or end up out with the washing. They appear on the leaderboard at halfway before disappearing without a trace. Or (if they're lucky!) these have-a-go punters might end up with one player near the each-way places come Sunday evening.

So generally speaking, they do their money.

And then the next week, what do they do? Same again. Another random number of bets at eye-watering odds that repeat the pattern and end up finishing in different time zones.

The theory seems to be, if you throw enough of the brown stuff, eventually some of it will stick!

And I guess it will.

You will back the odd winner every blue moon. How does the saying go… "even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while".

Warning Sign

  WARNING! This has one catastrophic downside.
  One that could end up costing you a lot of money

It will put a huge strain on your betting bank, if it doesn't blow it all together before you hit the next winner.

And where's the fun in that?

Betting from hand-to-mouth, praying that a big odds winner will arrive in time to bail you out before the next losing run comes around.

It's all boom-and-bust. All feast-and-famine.

And it's no way to bet.

This is what I realised. And this is why I made a simple change to my own betting style that has revolutionised my approach to making money.

And it's just a tweak, a subtle change. Moving the emphasis slightly. And I tell you, this Eureka! moment is one of the best betting plays I've made in 25 years and has me looking forward to a cash-filled 2017!

How I've now changed my personal
betting strategy… for the better!

What I've made a conscious decision to do is put less emphasis on Outright golf bets and have more interest in other more vulnerable markets.

To increase the strike rate, add consistency to my turnover, and back more winners whilst at the same time lowing the volatile nature of what you might call "traditional" golf betting, and easing the burden on my betting tank.

In other words, make the whole process stress-free.

Don't get me wrong, I still have the odd bet on the outright markets - and Adam Hadwin winning the Valspar Championship the other week at 125/1 shows the sense in this! - but now I look more than ever before to other lucrative golf betting markets. Ones which return a steady profit as they include two magic ingredients

Magic Ingredient #1

These markets still serve up clear value-betting opportunities. And this means the ability to make money on a week-to-week basis.

Magic Ingredient #2

They also offer a higher percentage of winners which means less volatility, a reduced strain on your betting bank and, in effect, stress-free punting.

These markets are…

 Pre-tournament Round 1 3-Balls

  In-play 2-Ball and 3-Ball bets in Rounds 2, 3 and 4

  Top 10 and Top 20 bets

  Top Nationality markets

An increased interest in these markets, which I believe to be so much more punter-friendly, is the key difference and has me beating the bookies like never before.

And it's this small stone thrown into the pond of golf betting that has made the ripple, now a tidal wave, that has transformed my punting… and which is now an open door invitation for you to cash-in.

Make your betting like mine.

Less up-and-down. And more up-and-up!!

Yes, I still include a smattering of "old-school" Tournament Winner or Outright bets, because there is still some jaw-dropping value to be found in these markets as Adam Hadwin showed when he won at 125/1… but the bulk of the heavy lifting is taken up by shorter, more reliable bets.

Bets that keep your betting bank ticking over, but your ticker beating softly!

In fact, as you can see yourself from the results, the biggest health risk is probably going to come from straining your back trying to pick up your wallet!

All this success in just 12 weeks of betting and to small £20 stakes (and the average stake is 1.67 points).

Do the maths and that's £14,503 TAX-FREE profit per annum for a minimal risk.

And it's also worth pointing out…

These bets are easy to back win singles, or each-way advices, that home-in on the bookmakers weak spots to deliver consistent profits by the application of shrewd betting acumen, statistical models and algorithms, and inside knowledge gathered from the various golf tours.

For example…

What's all this about a "Golf Cartel"…

As I said above, I manage betting services and syndicates. I'm not a tipster myself (even though with my experience in the business I'd fancy my chances to make a decent long-term profit) but I do know where to find good, reliable and profitable sources of information.

Sometimes it's one person. Other times it's two. Occasionally it's more than that.

And when inspiration struck me as I was lying the bath (well I think I was doing the washing-up at the time!) I was looking to find the one guy who could answer all my prayers.

Well, I looked at the contact cards in my rolodex. Went through my address book page by page. And checked out a list of old phone numbers I had logged on file. But pretty soon I realised that putting together this comprehensive coverage of Golf wasn't going to be a one man job.

In fact, right now it involves a 3-man team… with another couple on standby.

And I call them my Golf Cartel. Because between them they carve up the whole range of golf betting and rule the markets as one, combined profit-making body.

They don't know each other. They've never met, and never will.

But I'm the one that links them together. Taking Round 1 3-Ball bets from one, in-play bets from another, Top 20's from a couple, and outright bets from all 3… and with them have created the Golf Cartel.

But these guys exist don't they?

Oh, yes they do. 100%.

And you've already seen some of their comments above, and you'll see more of them when you read the FREE copy of the exclusive Q&A session I had with each of them.

It also stands to reason with their positions right at the heart of the golf betting community (these guys are traders and odds compilers, as well as being backers in their own right) I can't jeopardise our dealings with a misplaced word.

And to safeguard their interests, and to maintain the uninterrupted feed of their priceless information, each one has a confidentiality clause in place.

But I can paint this thumbnail portrait of each one for you…

So these are the current members of the Golf Cartel.

They're responsible for all the bets, which they send to me every week.

I then collect all the information, check the odds, and send out the bets via email and SMS text message to members.

And by doing this I've had my hands on winners like Tommy Fleetwood (Top European) in the WGC-Mexico Championships who was a 80/1 winner.

And Adam Hadwin (Outright Winner) in the Valspar Championship at 125/1.

So this is an open door invitation for you to cash-in and become a "cartel member" and share in this lucrative money-making information.

But before you sign-up and begin to
enjoy the kind of golf betting success
that I have grown used to, what else
do you need to know?

Well, here are answers to a few questions that might have crossed your mind, and some extra pieces of information that I'm sure you'll find useful…

You'll have 100% peace of mind once you've
read this comprehensive Q&A session


The service looks great and I'm just about to hit the button to this FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL for your Golf Cartel… but I'm not familiar with your name Matthew, so how can I really trust everything you're saying to me?


I totally understand.

You might not have heard of my name before. Or the service.

And if I were you, I'd be no different. Because you have to believe in any service you're joining, that it's all totally legit and above board, and is operated by "the right kind of people".

So let me just put a few facts before you…

My working career in this business goes back 25 years. During which time I've operated a number of highly successful betting syndicates.

  I can list a whole host of top-class professionals as friends, acquaintances and work colleagues… Lester Piggott, Patrick Veitch, Dave Nevison, Nick Mordin and Keith Elliott.

  All the member feedback you can see here, and everything I keep on file at my office, is 100% genuine.

  Some services you come across hide behind P.O. Box numbers or have no phone number for you to call, so you simply don't know who you're dealing with. I am the total opposite. You can contact me 24/7 by phone, email, letter or Skype.

  Just pick up the phone right now and you can speak to me directly at my office (01625 315654) or on my personal mobile (07752 768094).

So it's little wonder then that I get a lot of positive feedback from members like Simon

"thank u for your quick response. it's always nice to see a service where people don't hide away and are willing to speak to their customers"


"Thanks very much Matthew for understanding - your customer care is marvellous, yes, I may be back on board in the future"


"I just had notification from Paypal that you had refunded my subscription. Thank you for your prompt attention. You are a gentleman"

And Jeff…

"Thanks Matthew, much appreciated - certainly a comprehensive answer, impressive customer service :-)"

  So I can assure you that with over 25 years in the business "my word is my bond" and it underpins everything I do and also explains why I'm more than happy to offer you the chance to join the Golf Cartel with your very own FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL.


Not knowing who your "experts" are, can I trust the quality of their information?


No question.

The majority of my working life is spent kicking over stones and chasing down leads in order to find the best possible sources of information. Rest assured, I kiss a lot of frogs in my line of work!!

Now your own personal betting is your No.1 concern. And I fully understand this.

But I'm running a whole business on the back of these bets, and the profitability of this information.

I have to pay the mortgage, settle the bills, sort out the kids school fees… and I'm not going to do this with "amateur" contacts and poor quality advice.

I seek out the best information for me, because I need to in order to stay in business, and I also share this high-quality advice with you.

This has led me to assembling a crack team from a number of different countries, all of whom know the betting game inside out, and Golf in particular.

For reasons stated above I can't jeopardise their positions by revealing too much about them, but trust me when I say "what's good enough for me, is good enough for you".


Ok, so if I join today when and how will I start to receive your Golf Cartel information?


Once your details are confirmed you can begin to get the bets ASAP and you'll be on the next advice given by the Golf Cartel experts. So you better get your skates on!

As for the getting the bets…

These are sent out via email and also by SMS text message direct to your mobile phone. So you have two ways to receive the information to make sure you never miss a thing.

And in terms of the advice, I'll tell you everything you need to know…

  which player(s) we're backing

  the name of the tournament

  what bookmaker is offering the best odds

  how strong the bet is (staking advice is given)

  where to follow the action and get results

Everything. All you need to be able to do is place a bet… and even if you've never done this before it takes about 30 seconds to master!


And when do these bets come through?


Almost all golf tournaments start on a Thursday and run through to Sunday.

And these events take place in Europe, America, Asia, Australia… everywhere.

Bets will be advised before a tournament starts (usually on Tuesday or Wednesday) and there will also be occasional updates during the action (over the weekend).

So it's a comprehensive coverage that you'll get with the Golf Cartel.

And golf, don't forget, takes place all year round, pretty much 52 weeks of the year.


What happens if I have a question and I need some help?


I'm always here to help.

If there's ever an issue understanding the advice (although it's pretty simple) or you need to check a result, or have some other question… just get in touch.

You can see by the feedback above that I deal with members on a one-to-one basis, and I'm here to assist in any way I can.

Keep those numbers handy for my office (01625 315654) or my personal mobile (07752 768094).

So it's very hard to get away from Golf
as being the No.1 sport to bet on

Having operated golf betting services now for the thick end of 25 years, it's clear to me that anyone who enjoys a bet, like you, and likes to win money, should always be looking to bet on Golf.

Because it offers all sorts of advantages…

tick You'll never back a 125/1 winner in football or horseracing.

Maybe once in a blue moon but most winners at these prices come in crazy "Hail Mary" multiples or pin-sticking punts on the Grand National!

tick To collect a big win on most sports, you have to bet big.

Not something which everyone is able to do. How much do you need on a 6/4 shot to generate a decent pick-up… £100, £200, £500?

tick And then there's other issues

Where's the value in top flight football? The excitement in run-of-the-mill tennis matches? And can you say every horse you back is a 100% trier?

And this is why Golf throws up winners like Tommy Fleetwood at 80/1 or Adam Hadwin at 125/1 and has generated over £3,347 TAX-FREE PROFIT in just 12 weeks.

And more importantly why for you, as a trusted contact of mine, taking advantage of this triple-whammy membership deal is an absolute no-brainer.

Especially with the next European and US tournaments set to start any day!

and TRIPLE-WHAMMY of benefits

Let me spell out the details of this exceptional membership offer…

Because the way I see it…

You're taking me and the background, top-notch credentials and winning ability of the experts behind the Golf Cartel on trust.

Well, I want to reward your trust by giving you a rock-solid GUARANTEE and TRIPLE-WHAMMY of benefits where you know you can sleep easy knowing you’ve bagged yourself a watertight, winning deal.

So here's what you're going to receive.
For starters…

Over the next 30 days…

Which I might add is the perfect time to join as it includes some prime events on both sides of the Atlantic…

You can instantly bet alongside these experts and copy their bets using your 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL.

This is like having a huge safety net, where you know, with total certainty, you can try the Golf Cartel for the next 30 days for a monthly subscription of £35+VAT (£42).

And if you're not 100% SATISFIED at any point within your first 30 days…

I personally guarantee I'll refund you in FULL and WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS.

So if you're not convinced that this is an open door invitation for you to cash-in and enjoy stress-free betting on the No.1 sport for money-making…

No problem. You can have all your subscription back.

Or if you've gone toe-to-toe with the bookies during your 30 day trial, and not delivered knockout blows…

No problem. You can have all your subscription back.

Or even if you don't believe strategically betting on golf is the ONLY WAY to make it pay for you long-term…

No problem. You can have all your subscription back.

It all boils down to this

Within the first 30 days of your Golf Cartel subscription, you can contact me by email or phone and ask for a refund, and you don't even need to give me a reason why you're quitting.

That's right…

Your FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL is in place and means you can join today with MAXIMUM CONFIDENCE.

And then at the end of your trial, if you like what you see, your monthly £35+VAT subscription will just keep rolling on.

And with it operating month-to-month, you're always in complete charge all the way along.

Secondly, I'm giving you a FREE gift…

If you've not already got it, seen it or read it…

This is an exclusive Q&A session I had with each member of the Golf Cartel, as well as a couple of other industry insiders on my personal contact list. Golf Cartel

Now I've already talked about this Question & Answer document in a previous email, but if you missed it, in it you'll learn about what golf markets are best to bet on, what money-making tips & tricks the pros use themselves to make their own golf betting pay.

And, best of all…

You'll get a secret list of golfers to follow through 2017 who have been earmarked by those within the bookmaking community as the guys to watch out for! That's right, the next superstars of the game.

This FREE gift is yours to keep and profit from, even if you don't stay with the service long-term (which I've no doubts you will).

Third and finally…

The Golf Cartel marks a new chapter in my own personal golf betting, not just the move away from pure Outright Winner bets, but for me to now actively bet in-play, once a tournament has begun.

So my Eureka! moment means for the very first time you will also be able to get regular betting updates and advice during tournaments.

This extra coverage will make the service more comprehensive and more profitable. I have no doubts on this score.

And adding the No.1 betting sport (Golf) to a best-ever betting model… it's a recipe for success.

Get your skates on and act fast!

To nail down your place with the Golf Cartel for just £35+VAT in time for the start of the next money-spinning golf tournaments…

And claim the TRIPLE-WHAMMY benefits…

FREE and exclusive Q&A document with a number of industry experts

your very own 100% assured Money Back Guarantee

my most advanced coverage of golf betting EVER!

All you need to do is choose one of the three easy sign-up options below and you'll be all set for a piggyback ride to the payout counter courtesy of my panel of experts.

Use your Credit or Debit card safely and securely online by clicking on this button…

Credit/Debit card

Or use your Paypal account by clicking on this button...

Credit/Debit card

Or if you prefer, just call my office now on 01625 315654 or catch me on my mobile 07752 768094 and I'll sort out your details over the phone.

Kind Regards,
Matthew Walton signature

Matthew Walton

  Matthew Walton signature

01625 315654 (office)
07752 768094 (personal mobile)


P.S. So let me just recap…

This is what you've learned about the Golf Cartel



  (1)  Golf offers you a better chance of backing a 100/1+ winner than any other sport

  (2)  ... so you're betting on what I believe is the No.1 sport for profit-making!

  (3)  The advice you'll be getting is from full-time golf traders and odds compilers

  (4)  You'll get a FREE exclusive Q&A document full of professional tips & advice

  (5)  Betting advice is delivered through the week, all in plenty of time to get on

  (6)  Information will be sent to you by email and via SMS

  (7)  Expect to receive advice and information all through the week

  (8)  Staking advice will also be given with every single bet

  (9)  If you need any help I'm here 24/7… just email me or call direct


And with some prime golf tournaments coming up over the next 30 days…

A perfect winning opportunity and another open door invitation for you to cash-in

Helping yourself to the kind of money I've made since my Eureka! moment, making regular profits and taking the bookies to the cleaners with winners at up 125/1

To use your Credit or Debit card safely and securely online by click on this button…

Credit/Debit card

Or to use your Paypal account by click on this button...

Credit/Debit card

Or if you prefer, just call my office now on 01625 315654 or catch me on my mobile 07752 768094 and I'll sort out your details over the phone.


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